fuck london week

fuck london week

A Look Inside Blackpool’s Burgeoning Grime Scene

It might have more of a reputation for ballroom and donkey rides, but it's the direct and defiant sound of grime that is now thriving in lower class neighborhoods of the Lancashire borough.
Kamila Rymajdo
fuck london week

No Money, No Space, No Time: How London Has Forced out Musicians

It didn't used to be this bad. What the hell went wrong?
Joe Zadeh
fuck london

The Ups and Downs of Being a Teenage DIY Promoter in a Quiet Town Outside London

The typical story of a matted haired 17 year-old from Guildford, trying to do anything but read Frankenstein for his A-Levels.
fuck london week

Big Jeff Has Been to Seven Shows a Week for 13 Years

Flying Lotus loves him, Haim want to marry him, and you've probably tasted his hair. But who is this local Bristol legend?
mark e smith

“I Don’t Like Northern People, I Don’t Like Mancunians” – Mark E. Smith’s Guide to Britain

Britain's greatest human on why he's never seen The Fall as a Northern band, what went wrong for Sheffield, and the dangers of Bitcoin.
fuck london week

Police Helicopters and a Shit Load of Ketamine: The Illegal Free Party Scene That Roamed the Home Counties

From the Dartford Tunnel to an airfield in Cornwall, these raves held outside of London were part of an entirely different free party scene.
Josh Surtees
fuck london week

This Kid From Birmingham is the Musical Secret Behind Beyonce, Jay Z and Mary J Blige

Knox Brown has become a songwriter and producer for the stars, but his solo work is shit hot too.
Joe Zadeh
fuck london week

The Pop Group Are Back and Fighting Against the "Warm Bath of Apathy"

Or so says their founder Mark Stewart. I spent two hours with him and he only told me to fuck off once.
Oscar Rickett
fuck london week

For 20 Years Richey Edwards Has Been Painted As A Tortured Artist, But That’s Bullshit

Living in Wales in the 80s was shit. Unemployment shot up, spirits were down and in the wasteland that fell between came the Manic Street Preachers.
Emma Garland
fuck london week

Months Before He Died, I Spent One Drunk Night Interviewing Tony Wilson

It was all going so well until he got mugged, my shoe filled with blood, and I threw up on him.
Morwenna Ferrier