Welcome to Oliver Coates' World of Pure Imagination

The British composer's new record 'Shelley's On Zenn-La' shimmers with a rare otherworldly joy. It's inspired by the death of the Silver Surfer and the birth of his son, which makes more sense than it sounds.
Lewis Gordon
a day ago

Maarja Nuut & Ruum’s Experimental Pop Exists Between Ancient and Modern

‘Muunduja’—the duo’s new album—as well as its leadoff track “Haned kadunud” embrace in-betweenness, evoking both wake and sleep, organic embraces and cold steel, here and hereafter.
Colin Joyce
Noisey Mix

Take a Tour of Free-Spirited UK Jazz in International Anthem’s Noisey Mix

The Chicago label applies their boundary blending approach to this set, which digs deep on the dizzying sounds of their compatriots across the pond.
Colin Joyce

Conner Youngblood Is a Beautiful Weirdo Who Likes Places More Than People

We sit down with the singer to discuss the roadmap to his emotional travelogue 'Cheyenne.'
Andrea Domanick
Free Radicals

You Need Some Rest. Sarah Davachi’s New Ambient Music Can Help

‘Gave In Rest,’ the Los Angeles-based composer’s second record of 2018, is a meditation on the rituals we adopt to find stillness.
Colin Joyce

Cruel Diagonals 'Disambiguation' Is a Lonely, Decay-Obsessed Wonder

The brilliant debut album from Megan Mitchell's experimental electronic project brings together a field recordings, disquieting beats, and an eerily clear voice.
Alex Robert Ross

Rizzla's Collagist Club Album Is the Sound of Apocalypse and Rebirth

The New York-based producer and DJ's 'Adepta' is informed by changes in "health and ideology" that kept them out of the club, and both the pain and freedom that ensued.
Colin Joyce
Free Radicals

When Times Are Challenging, Listen to Music That Challenges You

Autechre’s new album is intimidatingly abstract and eight hours long, which is an ungodly amount of music to listen to in one sitting. You should try it.
Colin Joyce

R. Girardin’s New Record Is ‘Emotional Music’ for Unfeeling Technology

The Los Angeles composer transmutes the man-machine symbiosis of 21st century life into a collection of lively and light synthesizer instrumentals.
Colin Joyce
Noisey Mix

Embrace Stillness With Christina Vantzou’s Minimal Noisey Mix

The Brussels-based composer shares an hourlong collection of slow, ambient pieces—including some she’s edited herself—following an already busy year of collaborations and new works.
Colin Joyce

New York Noise Punks Palberta's New Album Is Equal Parts Silly and Scary

Fueled by the once in a lifetime chemistry of three longtime friends, 'Roach Goin' Down' is a special, experimental take on what it means to rock.
Leah Mandel

Driftmachine New Ambient LP Is Jittery, Miserable, and Kinda Comforting Too

'Shunter' finds the Berlin duo sinking further into the gloomy abstractions they've explored in the past. It feels so bad, which feels so good.
Colin Joyce