Deep Ass Questions

Deep Ass Questions

Why Do Australians Love The Wombats So Much? An Investigation

We headed down to the band's sold out Melbourne show to ask fans: LITERALLY WHY?
Shaad D’Souza
Deep Ass Questions

Are You Too Old Now for Marilyn Manson?

The elderly people, the elderly people.
Devin Pacholik
Deep Ass Questions

Who Is Better: Radiohead or Lana Del Rey?

We ask the unavoidable questions in the wake of the alleged legal dispute between these two bastions of melancholy.
Ryan Bassil
Lauren O'Neill
Daisy Jones
Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Millennial "Stairway to Heaven?" A Battle Royale

Is it Kanye? Coldplay? Could it be... Keane?
Phil Witmer
Deep Ass Questions

How Did Beyoncé Not Have a #1 Hit in the Past 10 Years?

The pop icon is finally back atop the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart with her duet with Ed Sheeran.
Noisey Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Why Did Colonel Sanders Press 30,000 Copies of a Children’s Mandolin Record?

In 1966, the KFC founder spent tens of thousands of dollars to fund a record by a children’s Christian mandolin band, but where did all the copies go?
Sean Neumann
Deep Ass Questions

Did the Era of The Strokes Set Rock and Roll Back?

Maybe the 2000s give us a rock renaissance or maybe they just gave us a bunch of leather jackets.
Dan Ozzi
Deep Ass Questions

Just How Real Is PMS Clumsiness?

It's either a thing or leftover from the days when science tried to justify treating women like freaks for menstruating.
Lara Williams
Deep Ass Questions

We Asked Performers on the ARIA Red Carpet What's Been Their Smallest Audience

Amy Shark, Montaigne and Emma Watson of the Wiggles share stories from some of their more 'quiet nights'.
Noisey Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Just How Fucking Baked Is Dave Matthews In This Interview?

He talked about Fyre Festival and fatherhood and man, he felt kinda weird.
Alex Robert Ross
Deep Ass Questions

We Asked Teenage Lil Yachty Fans About the True Meaning of Happiness

The teenagers of Rolling Loud in Miami talk about teenage emotions, 'Teenage Emotions,' and the route to fulfillment.
Ryan Pfeffer
Deep Ass Questions

We Asked Emo Bands to Review Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3”

"Do you guys ever notice how trap is basically the hip-hop equivalent to emo?"
Devin Pacholik