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Snoop Dogg, Steelers Fan, Jumps on the Cleveland Browns, Erm, "Bandwagon"

Snoop turned up at Browns practice earlier this week to give the players and fans a pep talk. Why?
Alex Robert Ross
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The Story of the Lebron James and Kevin Durant Song That Didn't Need to Exist

Anyways, the full song is apparently out because 2018 won't stop.
Jabbari Weekes
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Sample Vile Gash's Hideous and Harsh Hardcore Punk

Listen to some tracks from the long running Columbus, Ohio band's upcoming album.
Tim Scott

Perverts Again Offer Some Career Advice: Join the Army

Listen to the Cleveland punk's new song "Get You Out of College".
Tim Scott
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That Guy Piloting Your Plane Could Be a Cult 70s Punk Rocker

Allen Ravenstine and Albert Dennis' 1975 lost classic is being released for the first time.
Noisey Staff
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The Sight and Their Lights Out Power Pop Will Improve Your Day

Listen to the Cleveland band's new cassette of snappy pop hooks.
Tim Scott
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The Cowboy Loads Up On Some Brawn and Bash

Seasoned veterans from The Homostupids and Pleasure Leftists deliver a new album of Americano rock.
Tim Scott

Lost Photos Capture The Dead Boys Ahead of Their Assault on the Punk Scene

Legendary Cleveland punks The Dead Boys come to life in this collection of photographs.
Tim Scott

KNOWSO Continue Cleveland's Legacy of Demented and Debauched Punk

Featuring members of Cruelster and Perverts Again, this new band continues on a dark and aggressive trajectory.
Tim Scott
New music

Listen to Rubber Mate's Dark Gunk Punk

The Cleveland band are about to release a new record that will leave you feeling damaged.
Tim Scott
New music

Bad Noids Make Sitting Difficult

Listen to a track from the Cleveland punks new EP ‘It’s a Doggie Bag World’.
Tim Scott

Mongoloid Blast No-Nonsense Hardcore Punk Rock At a Furious Clip

The Portland punks aren't ones to complicate things.
Tim Scott