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"Worst Sound Installation Ever" to Play Toto's "Africa" for All Eternity

Artist Max Siedentopf has set up some battery-powered speakers in the Namib Desert. "Africa" will play on loop until the installation is consumed by the sands of time.
Alex Robert Ross
a day ago
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"Weird Al" Is Rivers Cuomo in Weezer's Very Familiar Video for "Africa"

With the shot-for-shot "Sweater Song" remake, the meme has begun to consume its own delicious tail.
Alex Robert Ross
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Weezer Are Putting Their “Africa” Cover on Vinyl! But It’s Already Sold Out

It'll be released through Urban Outfitters, because where else would you release a piece of meme-vinyl?
Shaad D’Souza
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Weezer Continue to Bless the Rains, Perform "Africa" on 'Kimmel'

Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro joined the band on stage to crush a keyboard solo.
Alex Robert Ross
The Greatest Things Of All Time

Weezer Got Their First Hot 100 Hit in Nearly a Decade with Toto's "Africa"

The #weezercoverafrica movement benefited both Rivers Cuomo and the planet at large.
Phil Witmer
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Weezer Finally Covered "Africa" and the Rains Are Truly Blessed

After weeks of pleading with Rivers Cuomo and company to cover this Toto song, our prayers have been answered.
Dan Ozzi
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Weezer Covered a Toto Song That Isn’t “Africa” and Honestly, What the Fuck?

They are trolling us at this point, and we demand justice.
Dan Ozzi
The Greatest Things Of All Time

Toto's "Africa" Hit Number 1 Exactly 35 Years Ago, May It Live Forever

It's gonna take a lot to drag us away from the most influential soft rock classic of all time, which topped Billboard on February 5, 1983.
Phil Witmer

Meet the Hero Teen Determined to Convince Weezer to Cover Toto’s “Africa”

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do to stop her from getting Weezer to cover this song.
Luke O'Neil
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Manu Dibango’s 1985 Afro-Funk Classic ‘Electric Africa' Is Getting Reissued

Featuring Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock, the album fuses synths and kora to create true world beat.
Noisey Staff

The Art and Music of the Malian Sumu or Wedding Ceremony

Malian superstar Oumou Sangaré shares her musical education as a wedding singer.
Michelle O'Hare

These African and Middle Eastern Rappers Are Bringing Fresh Perspectives to New Zealand Hip-Hop

Artists such as Raiza Biza, Young Tapz, Mzwètwo and Times x Two are helping make an already strong local hip-hop scene stronger.
Sarah Gooding