The Story of Indigo Ranch, the Improbably Beautiful Birthplace of Nu Metal

For six years, a 60-acre ranch in Malibu reverberated with some of the harshest music ever put to tape. Then it all burned to the ground.
Andy Hermann

Sam Morrow's Cynical Joy Finds LA Country at Its Best

On his third LP, the rising LA country star is taking more chances and giving fewer fucks. Watch the premiere of his "Quick Fix" video below.
Will Schube

Musicians with Substance-Use Disorders Deserve Empathy Not Hysteria

The reaction to Demi Lovato's hospitalisation this week shows how much further we in the media, and the general public, still have to go.
El Hunt

Hellbent: A Conversation with New Order's Peter Hook

We sit down with New Order and Joy Division bassist to talk sex, drugs, money, and abuse in the wild ride that is his new book, 'Substance.'
Andrea Domanick
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Gucci Mane's Candid ESPN Interview

He joined Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones on 'Highly Questionable' to talk everything from prison to addiction.
Alex Robert Ross

Stranger Things Have Happened: Clare Maguire on Life After Addiction

After nearly losing her life to alcohol, the UK songstress returns with a new LP that tackles addiction, heartbreak, and life in the wake of losing everything.
Andrea Domanick
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

Lost and Unwanted: How a Disastrous Record Deal Can Fuck with Your Mental Health

Like so many musicians, Willis Earl Beal and Clare Maguire both signed life-changing recording contracts, but neither were prepared for quite how life-changing they would be.
Nick Levine

Trying and Failing Spectacularly: How Sam Ray Defines the Indefinable

Talking music, myths, and heroin with the mastermind behind Teen Suicide and Ricky Eat Acid.
Emma Garland
Woah, Dude!

360 Created a Mental Health Charity Called the 180 Movement, So This Article Basically Wrote Itself

As 360 launches a mental health movement, the Australian of the Year becomes obvious.
Isabelle Hellyer

How Meeting Lemmy Helped Save My Life

I met Lemmy a week after coming out of a psychiatric ward and separating the myth from the man helped me become sober.
Jeremy Allen

Trying to Outrun Addiction: Saint Vitus Frontman Caught with Eleven Grams of Speed in Norway, Gets Deported

Doom legend Scott "Wino" Weinrich's battle with addiction gets him arrested in Norway
Kim Kelly

Venus and the Moon Talk Addiction and Family Jam Sessions, Plus They Premiere a New Track

The galactic country band will be hitting the road in support of Cat Power.
Ilana Kaplan