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This New Orleans DIY Band Make Hooky 80s Music to Dance to

They're called Sexy Dex and the Fresh and we're premiering their new video “Play Me Birdie” today.
Daisy Jones
Guide to Getting Into

The Guide to Getting Into Devo

More than a quirky band with funny red hats, Devo were synth-weilding art punk pioneers who shaped everyone from Neil Young to Radiohead, and 'The Simpsons' to Martin Scorsese. Here's where to start.
Andrea Domanick
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Paramore’s New 80s Video Perfectly Sums Up Their Sad-Pop Sound

The visual for "Rose-Colored Boy," off last year's 'After Laughter', encapsulates where the band are at right now.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Fans of Odd 80s Punk Rejoice, The Zoomers Album is Getting Reissued

Listen to some wild space punk from the Louisiana Bayou.
Tim Scott
New music

This Neddy Smith Reissue Proves That 80s Funk Was the Sweatiest

The smooth B-side is written about an ex-girlfriend's obsession with soap operas.​
Tim Scott
Remembering Things

Skins, Smack and 'SNL': 80s New York Hardcore With Agnostic Front's Roger Miret

Read an exclusive excerpt from Miret's new book that looks back at the wild days of New York City hardcore.
Tim Scott
Noisey News

Aaand Here is the 80s Rework of The Chainsmoker's "Closer" We All Knew Would Come

Let's all give this never-ending nuisance a little more shelf-life, shall we?
Issy Beech
Future Days

From Yo-Yo Dicks to Jesus Christ, A Brief Survey of 80s Novelty Rap

There was a time when no one knew what a rap song should be about, and it was glorious.
Drew Millard
Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting into Donna Summer

The Queen of Disco's career is much more diverse than you probably realize. Here's how to begin.
Ira Madison III

Paul Collins, The King of 80s Power Pop Is Back

The frontman of the Paul Collins' Beat discusses the reissue of two, long out of print records.
Tim Scott

Feedtime Step on The Gas: The Cult Sydney Band Return With Their First Album In 20 Years

Listen to an exclusive stream of feedtime's new album 'Gas'.
Tim Scott
New music

Exhibitionist's First Single "Hands" is a Bit Ministry of Sound—In a Good Way

Sydney's Kirsty Tickle is Exhibitionist. "Hands" is beautiful.
Issy Beech