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The Stories Behind Homemade Mixtapes People Have Been Given

“If he knew me at all, he'd know I hate these bands.”
Daisy Jones
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting Into Grace Jones

With her androgynous aesthetic, boundary-pushing musicality and 50-year career, Jones burst open doors before other people could even see them.
Daisy Jones

How Social Media Changed The One-Hit Wonder

The format has fallen to the wayside in the past few years. But should we be mourning its demise or celebrating?
Harry Harris
Obsessive Tendencies

An Ode to Late Nights On LimeWire

For me and others who grew up in 2000s, the file-sharing software became a way to forge my music taste and understand the internet.
Daisy Jones
Holy Shit

It Looks Like The Distillers Are Making a Comeback in 2018...

Are you ready to be liberated?
Ryan Bassil
Remembering Things

Burial’s ‘Untrue’ Still Captures London in a Way Unmatched Since

The album’s story is one of loneliness, love, family, ghosts – it continues to sound like the city that birthed it, a decade later.
Jamie Milton

Brody Dalle, The Distillers, and 2000s Melbourne

With widespread unemployment and a 2.2 billion dollar deficit, Melbourne was the perfect breeding ground for disenfranchised youth.
Vincent Dwyer
Important Questions Raised By...

What Do Today's Teenagers Think About the Greatest Emo Hits of the 2000s?

I hit the streets to find out if the kids of today equate the defining angst anthems of my youth to someone's dad sticking Pink Floyd on.
Daisy Jones

Remembering Honkytonks: The Club that Defined Melbourne’s Hedonistic Party Scene

We look back at a club where there’d often be more people dancing in the women’s bathroom than on the dancefloor.
Briony Wright