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Listen to This Lorde and Sia Mash-Up and Feel Just a Little More Mortal

Of course it took Lorde and Sia for us to not wince at the word mash-up.
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Trouble In Mind Records Curate Garage, Post Punk, Psych and Folk With Love

The Chicago label's musical palette has broadened but an ear for quality and DIY spirit remain.
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Noisey Guides

The Noisey Guide to Staying Safe as a Non-Cisgender Person in Music

Prioritizing the safety of trans, non-binary, and additional marginalized people in music scenes has and always will be crucial.
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Future Days

All New Music Is Bad (Except for Desiigner)

How the collective desire to consume everything all the time has made music fans not able to understand anything at all.
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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Good Luck Hating Fifth Harmony After Listening to This 80s Rework

And then let's pray they do every other song on Earth. Except maybe that extremely sad cover of "Dancing on My Own."
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Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting Into Prince

Prince's music is all on streaming services now, but there's so much genius it's hard to know where to begin. Here are five sides of Prince to explore.
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At The Movies

The Enduring Legacy of Disney's Black Millennial Classic 'A Goofy Movie'

At its heart was its hit song "I 2 I" and the Bobby Brown collaboration that almost was.
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Scene Reports

There’s a New Wave of Korean Musicians Thriving Outside the K-Pop Machine

A crop of producers are breaking free from your stereotypes.
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Legendary Jamaican Ska Pioneer Prince Buster Has Died at 78

The Jamaican musician who helped pioneer ska music in the 60s and who provided inspiration for a generation of musicians including Madness has died.
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Holy Shit

Straight Outta NOLA: New 'Crescent City Carnage' Comp Highlights New Orleans' Heavy Underground

These 10 underlooked NOLA bands come crawling out the bayous of the Dirty South and onto your turntable.
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Watch Drake's Video For "Child's Play" Featuring a Very Angry Tyra Banks

While we were all either at Made in America or the Summer Sixteen show in Houston (or doing neither of those things while desperately wishing we were), Mr. Graham dropped the video for "Child’s Play."
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Drake’s Weight Gain Shocker! Rapper Packs on 100 Pounds

Friends are concerned! "I can't stand to see him live this way!"
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