Chris Bethell

First Dates

Hands Down This is the Best First Date with Chris Carrabba

I took the Dashboard Confessional frontman for coffee and shit got real deep real fast.
Emma Garland
First Dates

A First Date in a Chain Bookshop with Death Cab for Cutie

Romance is... Kensington High Street Waterstones.
Lauren O'Neill
Festivals 2018

Photos of People Having a Really Wholesome, Metal Time at Download

Sure, Guns N' Roses headlined but maybe comedy slogan tees were the *real* festival highlight.
Noisey UK Staff

Here Lies Lawrence, The Best Pop Star the World Never Really Knew

The frontman of Felt, Denim, and Go-Kart Mozart has said he's always been obsessed with being famous. Despite making some of indie rock's most influential records, he might never be, but that's ok too.
Josh Baines
First Dates

A First Date in a (Sort of) Boat with Paramore’s Zac Farro

I, a massive Paramore fan, got into a fake boat in a restaurant and drank cocktails with the drummer and man behind HALFNOISE.
Hannah Ewens
First Dates

An Actual First Date with Actual Pete Wentz

I’d never gone on a date that was any more than “shall we sit in the park until we get bored and kiss?” until this one.
Marianne Eloise
First Dates

A Pleasant Afternoon Being Hungover with Tim Kinsella

On a classic (fake) pub and park date, we talked about relationships, writing, trying to be a better person and his, uh, penis.
Emma Garland
First Dates

Davey Havok Went On A Date With Me By Accident

He wasn't told about it in advance but we still had a nice chat about celebrities and he asked me loads about myself, which is more than can be said for most real dates I've been on.
Emma Garland
First Dates

A First Date in a Cemetery with Lil Peep

We spent a beautiful Tuesday afternoon surrounded by graves getting to know the boy with the Daddy tattoo.
Emma Garland

Why It's Naive to Think Musicians Should Keep Out of Politics

How protesters and bands at London's anti-Theresa May protest felt about the "stick to the tunes" view.
Chris Bethell
Glastonbury 2017

Who Glastonbury's Secret Sets Will Be, According to a Psychic Wizard

We need ANSWERS, goddammit!
Daisy Jones