Baro Is Turning 18 So He Just Released A Video About Ciggies

The Melbourne MC is readying to take his birthday celebrations out on the road.

09 December 2014, 12:08am

Baro is soon turning 18 and to help celebrate this golden age when he can legally drink Melbourne tinnies, drive a Hyundai Getz and pawn shit at Cashy’s he’s just released his new video, and ode to the rollie, “Cigarettes”.

Taken from one of the Melbourne MCs early mixtapes, the track is produced by Jublet and continues on the Mos Def like smoky jazz tip found on his Howgoodisgood? mixtape of this year.

Though he may be of legal age to buy Peter Stuyvesants there may still be times when Baro needs to ask Damo for a lighter.

In March Baro and his crew are taking his 18th birthday party out on the road that will include gigs and all-you-can-eat garlic bread at Sizzler.

Noisey, New World Artists and teamtrick present Baro’s 18th Birthday party:
March 6- Adelaide at Rocket Bar.
March 13 – Melbourne at Can’t Say
March 20 – Perth at Mondo Fridays
March 21 – Sydney at Goodgod
March 27 – Brisbane at TBC