The Blue Bloods Come From the Heart of Auckland’s Gaming Lounges and Sports Clubs

This is chipped nail polish music.

28 July 2015, 2:59am

Image: Ellen Richardson

Led by charismatic vocalist Kimmy Elizabeth Swanson, Auckland’s garage punks Blue Bloods can usually be found slinking and hustling around the gaming lounges and sports clubs of K Road. Backed by the sound of Gold Rush machines and old guys yelling at race five from Hatrick Raceway, the four-piece play a sleazy take on punk rock that is informed from the likes of the New York Dolls, the Dead Boys and Street Hassle era Lou Reed.

Songs such as “Methadone Queen”, “Versace" and a version of Fang’s “The Money Will Roll In” are presented with an unflinching honesty. This is chipped nail polish music.

They have just released two Eps in tandem Phone Sex and Lip Service and will be heading to Australia for their first international tour.

We caught up with the band before they board their Air New Zealand flight.

Noisey: What is the history of the band?
Kim: I found the three most beautiful talented blue boys and we formed the Blue Bloods. I write the lyrics and the boys make the music. It’s real cool.

Your track "Methadone Queen" is a homage to Christchurch artist Paul Johns.
Luke: He's a good bitch who makes cool art. We love him!
Kim: He came to my show when I was in Bandy Candy and the Cocksuckers and yeah the song is about him. You know "fancy boys, fancy toys".

Kim seems to have lived a colouful and interesting life. What's it like performing with her?
Mike: Fucking awesome! She slays any crowd you put in front of her.
Mickey: When Kim is singing and her voice gets inside my head I go mental. Like out of control and then I end up breaking everything.

And Grace Jones is an influence on the band?
Mickey: She's just a bad bitch. We love her!

You are about to play some shows in Australia. What are you expecting?
Luke: We are expecting a bunch of pussy hipsters basically fainting in ecstasy because we're so fucking good.
Kim: I used to live in Sydney. I know that place like the back of my palm..I can't wait to take you boys down Oxford Street in all your leathers.
Mickey: I'm expecting it to be like Dogs in Space.

Catch Blue Bloods in Australia:
July 31 – Sydney at Blackwire records
Aug 1 – Sydney at Valve Bar
Aug 5 – Melbourne at the Old Bar
Aug 6 – Melbourne at the Tote
Aug 7 – Melbourne at Prince Public Bar
Aug 9 – Melbourne at Lost