Atsuo from Boris would like to Ban Journalists from Wikipedia

He'd also really like to survive his upcoming Australian tour.

05 June 2013, 12:23am

It’s always a bit weird when you've got to interview an artist via a translator. It can turn into Chinese whispers pretty easily, which in this case is more confusing because the person in question is actually Japanese. Anyway, from what we knew of Boris before we chatted, we had a feeling it was going to be a bit of a strange one anyway. I mean, have you listened to them?

Anyway, the experimental chaos merchants are heading our way to play Dark Mofo and some sideshows and they seem pretty excited about it.

Noisey: So you're heading down to Hobart for Dark Mofo - been to Tasmania before?
Atsuo:No, it’s the very first time for us, we’re looking forward to it. This is where Tasmanian Devil is, right?

That’s right, little bastards. If Tasmanians want to meet you at the airport what should they bring as a welcome gift?
A Tasmanian Devil!

We'll see what we can do. We can tell you that Hobart’s famous for Farmers Markets. That's chilli jam, weird breads… think you'll take the time to try a mussel pie?
What about a Tasmanian Devil pie? No thanks, I am a vegan.

Noted. Your sound's a perfect fit for the Dark MOFO concept, will people be frightened?
Well, I would like you to participate in the Boris show more than expect something from us. The best way to enjoy our show is to make it a special experience together, something that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

Have you been playing the album FLOOD in its entirety already?
No we have never played it live in its entirety.

So it’s a first just for us. Are you looking forward to the process of playing a full album from start to finish?
It doesn’t make sense to play albums or songs as it’s recorded in studio, we have translated and arranged it for the show. Our show requires an experience through ears, eyes and physical effects, these are the firm foundation. During the show I want to see everyone’s face. Just come to the shows with your own expectation and feeling, then that will lead another story or history for you.

Flood's something like 70 minutes and you're playing it not stop. Do you recommend people go to the toilet first?
It’s translated and arranged around 40 minutes live.

OK, people should be able to hold on for that long. You pumped about the acts you’re playing alongside? Got a favourite?
MONO! This is very first time for us to share the stage with them outside Japan, it is pretty exciting!

How about the local bands?
Crime + the City Solution. I heard they did a reunion tour in US recently, did they do it over there? I wish I could see the Birthday Party, R.I.P. Rowland S. Howard.

Totally. What do you know of MONA? It’s gotten pretty famous.
To my shame, nothing. I just did a quick research via internet.

You probably haven’t heard of David Walsh then either.
To my shame, no. I’d rather not comment about anyone who I am not familiar with, unlike unprofessional journalists who comment about something even though they don’t know anything about it, or just know what is written in Wikipedia. What Wikipedia says is not always accurate. I think it is better to prohibit journalists from researching anything with Wikipedia, legally.

Not a bad idea. You’ve been to Australia a few times. What are some things you like to do here.
Wearing sunglasses! Avoiding sunburn! Takeshi had to go to hospital after the last tour over there. We go to the zoo every time, Wata wants to hold a Koala though she has not been able to make it yet as Koalas are always sleeping whenever we visit.

Got a favourite view?
The view from a stage.


Fog juice.

Oh, like smoke machine liquid? We like that smell too. If there’s just one thing to happen on this tour that would make it a success in your eyes what would it be?
Safe re-entry immigration at Tokyo Narita airport. We have to survive as tours go on.

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