Listen to Broadway Sounds’ New Single ‘Sing It Again’

The Melbourne soul, R&B, funk and electronic boogie trio (and friends) are starting to get some big time notice.

Feb 23 2015, 2:13am

Not that Broadway Sounds' first EP was totally ignored when it was released back in 2011, but like many first releases it seemed to have gone by fairly unnoticed by many.

How things have changed.

Last years three-track EP, The Last Detail, was an energetic afro-infused dance bible that brought a lot attention to a truly unique offering. Things have developed rapidly over the last year; the lineup has expanded to four (plus friends that help out) and live performances/DJ sets have given Broadway Sounds one of the heaviest reputations in Melbourne’s dance scene.

Carrying this momentum is “Sing It Again” the first Broadway Sounds track of 2015.

We caught up with founding member Andrew Diamond Phillips to find out more about the band's surging momentum.

Noisey: “Sing It Again’” gets such a good live response. What makes people lose it?
Andrew Diamond Phillips: It's hard for me to say because I am on the other side; but I think it’s got a hypnotic sound that is accessible. I also think it might be the combination of sounds employed. Either that, or its a few Tecate's.

What does a live show need for it to be truly entertaining?
Great songs, confidence, ability and Tecate's.

Are you all naturally energetic people?
We are all energetic, enthusiastic and sentient beings. Phil rides his bike everywhere, Jen has recently gotten back into martial arts. I run 3-4 kms pretty much everyday. Unless you can find us around town doing these things, the live show is the only place where you'll see this pent up energy. Or at the bar after the show.

There is a community feel to Broadway Sounds, do you often bring in friends and other artists to help out with shows/tracks/videos?
Always! We've got a crew who understand and relate to our intent and purpose, but most of all it’s fun and easy to work with them. From our visual artist Julian Hocking, to our video director Tobias Willis, our photographer Stu Morley, our sound technician Morgan McWaters; our video mainstays Aisha Kuryana, Candice September and Sashi Dharann, to The Fandroids who dance with us in our live shows; and friends like Ash Sambrooks who is our guru/ spiritual advisor; and not forgetting the roll call of musicians from all over the world we employ for recording sessions. It's pretty exciting and diverse bunch of people who are all inspiring to collaborate with.

Any plans for an album release in 2015?
We have another single due in the next month or two, then an EP due mid-year. We definitely have the songs for an album and want to do one. It's just a case of timing but we feel it’s coming on soon.

'Sing It Again' is available now.

Tom Hutchins is a Melbourne based writer. Read more of his writing at We Talk, You Die.