Lower Plenty Return With Nuanced Examinations of Modern Australia

Their new song questions the violence young men are encouraged to engage in.

Melbourne four-piece Lower Plenty​ return with a new video that in typical fashion is full of both nuanced charm and examinations of the modern Australian character.

Filmed in a Brunswick backyard, the video for "All the Young Men" features the band acoustically jamming around a table of beer cans and wine bottles. With vocalist Al Montfort dressed in a duffle jacket I'm reminded of Rum Sodomy and Lash era Pogues​, but this is a gentle reflection rather that a rowdy Irish jig. "All the young men all the time, up and down my mind, off to work, off to war, who cares what for", sings Al as the band plays around him.

"Young people are only as good as the society that brings them up," explains Montfort when asked if the song refers to the blame directed at young men.  "It's certainly not having a whinge about how much young men are persecuted today. It's more a critique on the violence which they are encouraged to engage in from an early age. I think, if anything, a little more blame could be put on a culture which expects patriarchy, success, war, prejudice and entitlement."

Recoded in a Collingwood kitchen, Sister Sister the band's fourth album, and follow-up to 2014's Life/Thrills, will be released Nov 18 on Bedroom Suck / Omnian Music Group.

The band - who feature members of Deaf Wish, Total Control and Dick Diver - raise some important questions on the new song but one that we really want to know is what is going through the dog's mind at the 1:13 mark. "It could be a number of things", explains Al. "'Feed me', 'keep penalty rates', 'this country is run by turds', 'hail Satan', 'I cant believe Mitchell went to West Coast', 'Close Nauru now.'"

'Sister Sister', will be available Nov 18 via Bedroom Suck​/ Omnian Music Group.​​

Catch Lower Plenty:
Oct 29 - Melbourne at Dane Certificate's Magic Shop