Vintage Violence – ‘33’

The Adelaide duo have released a video from their excellent tape from last year.

30 March 2015, 2:07am

Taking their name from John Cale’s 1970 debut album, Vintage Violence are an Adelaide noise/drone duo featuring Liam Kenny (Wireheads, Old Mate) and Ben Quici (Peak Twins, Old Mate). They released a cassette on local Adelaide collective come label, Format records late last year and have just released a video for one of the tracks from the tape.

Starring a human skull, the video looks as dark as the song sounds and takes jarring guitars, eerie synths and distorted vocals and slow cooks them in a tandoor of despair.

Ben Quici explains more.

Noisey: What is the 33 in reference too? Age? Vietnamese beer?
Ben Quici: Yeah age. The wrong side of 33. That’s good beer though. I drank a few cans of 33 on a beach in Ha-long Bay a few years ago.

Whose skull is that?
The skull is belongs to Paul Sloan, the artist we collaborated with on the video. He also did the artwork for the tape cover.

The video is very dark. Was this deliberate?
The video is dark but it wasn't something we tried to do, it just happened like that. The only light we used was a colour changing light bulb.

Catch Vintage Violence in Adelaide April 2 at the Metro with Regional Curse and Second Sight.