Noisey 2017

The ting goes skrrrah: Sådan vandt parodirap 2017

Vi stener over, hvordan en jokerapper ved navn Big Shaq blev årets største navn.
Niloufar Haidari
Holy Shit

Finally! Dizzee Rascal Confirms ‘Boy in Da Corner’ Shows for the UK

Dizzee will be playing the seminal record in full for the first time in the UK in October at a venue TBC.
Daisy Jones
The Greatest Things Of All Time

A Tribute to Muse, the Band That Mounts the World

An entirely unprompted celebration of the band that does rock music the best because they do it the dumbest.
Phil Witmer
Objectively Correct Lists

Oi! We Asked Tim Westwood to Choose the Five Greatest Ever 'Crib Sessions'

Please say this headline aloud in a British accent.
Daisy Jones
Noisey News

Azealia Banks Is Facing a Potential Ban from Entering the UK After Her Racist Zayn Malik Tweets

"Coming to the UK is a privilege, and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values."
John Hill
Holy Shit

Skepta Just Dropped A New Video for "Man"

'Konniciwa' comes out May 6.
John Hill
In Memoriam

From 80s Pop to Warehouse Raves: Tracing Prince’s Influence on British Music

Every country thought they had a special connection with Prince, but his eternal bond with the UK remained unquestionable.
festivals 2016

The Serious and Unaddressed Problem of Rape at British Music Festivals

Music festivals have become a common location for rape and sexual assaults, so why has nothing been done about it?
Beulah Devaney
Longreads Or Whatever

I Spent a Day Visiting Britain's Best New Record Stores

The hunt for that quintessential record store experience took me far and wide, to some of the finest establishments on in the UK.
Oobah Butler
we saw this

Bruv, Stormzy's New York Debut Landed a Haymaker for Grime in America

Stormzy's New York city debut continued grime's American victory lap with a bunch of kids spitting the Croydon MC's British pop culture references back word for word.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Exploring

Dizzee Rascal: "There's a Real Gun Culture in the UK"

The grime OG delivered some home truths in a new interview, about growing up on a council estate and UK crime culture.
Angus Harrison
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

JME Gave a Rare Interview... to the Official Pokémon Channel About How Good Pokémon Is

Gather, children, and listen to story of how JME went from no shiny charizards to lots of shiny charizards.
Noisey Staff