The Music Issue 2017

Den danske topmodel Klara Kristin er en sucker for fransk musik

Danskeren tog en pause fra sit arbejde som model for nogle af verdens største brands for at fortælle os om de sange, hun lytter allermest til.
Clara Krohn
Internetvideoer af særlig betydning

Diddy forklarer Ellen, hvorfor han photoshopper folk ud af sine billeder på sociale medier

... og det er ikke engang det fedeste øjeblik i det her interview.
Lauren O'Neill
festivals 2016

Forget Crappy Sex in a Tent... Can You Find True Love at a Music Festival?

Away from Tinder's glacier of dick pics, could these outdoor conventions be the last hope in switching off and finding true love? I went to a festival's "Cupid's Singles Club" to find out.
Oobah Butler
First Dates

Sex, Kale, and Monogamy: My First Date The Dandy Warhols' Courtney Taylor-Taylor

The Dandy Warhols were my first ever interview. It was a disaster. Sixteen years later I met up with Courtney Taylor-Taylor for round two.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Holy Shit

Someone Is Selling Tupac's Old Love Letters for $35,000 Because Nothing Is Sacred

The letter was unearthed by an old classmate who is now selling it, because that's what people do on the internet these days.
Daisy Jones
we saw this

Searching for 666 Love: A Night of Speed Metal Dating

What happens when a bunch of metalheads convene at a bar, blast some Iron Maiden, and look for love? We investigate.
Christine Colby
Internet Exploring

Is Canada's Favorite Couple, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, Back Together?

Come back to us "Chavril!"
Byron Yan

Inspiration Is the Danger: Savages and the Audacity of Love

We talked to the London quartet about the Devil, their new album 'Adore Life,' and why it's so hard to let ourselves be loved.
Andrea Domanick
Ask T-Pain

Ask T-Pain, Valentine's Edition: T-Pain Tackles Your Relationship Questions

T-Pain answers your questions about love, moving on, and telling the truth.
First Dates

Run Away with Me? A First Date with Carly Rae Jepsen

What's it like to go on a date with an artist who's made a career out of capturing the feeling of having a crush? Like nothing you would imagine.
Kyle Kramer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Are You Rrrrready (for Marriage)? This Korn Fan Proposed to His Girlfriend in Front of the Band

True love never dies.
John Hill

PREMIERE: Get Tangled in the Sheets of Girlyboi's Intimate "Bedside"

"It took a lot out of me to expose all of my vices and insecurities, but in the end this is what the entire project is about."
Andrea Domanick