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Det var Nirvanas succes, der fik Blur til at starte britpop-revolutionen

Da USA's grunge-eksplosion ramte verden for 25 år siden, vidste Damon Albarn og resten af Blur, at de måtte prøve noget nyt med ’Modern Life is Rubbish’.
Cam Lindsay
Børn nu til dags

Vi fik vores folkeskolepraktikant til at anmelde de store Roskilde-navne, han aldrig har hørt om

Er du klar til at føle dig gammel?
Yonas El Omari
Noisey DK Staff
første date

Sådan gik min akavede første date med Sean Paul

Jeg mødte dancehall-stjernen til en date i en hotelbar, hvor vi talte om Nirvana, tungekys, og om at finde ud af, at man er død.​
Emma Garland
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Now You Can Be the Proud Owner of Kurt Cobain's Angry Letter to David Geffen

Hang it up next to your Kurt Cobain credit card and cardigan.
John Hill
Longreads Or Whatever

Forget Nirvana, Pearl Jam Was the Most Influential Band of the 90s

Nirvana is the band we say changed rock, but we know deep down Eddie Vedder's voice captured the 90s.
Brendan Kelly
Objectively Correct Lists

The 13 Worst Songs from the 90s

Real 90s kids will hate these songs.
Noisey Staff
Behind The Lens

'About A Son' Is the Only Good Kurt Cobain Documentary

It doesn’t even use his image, let alone home footage, but still manages to convey more about him than any other film that came before or after.
Emma Garland
we saw this

About a Ghost: A Trip to the Kurt Cobain-Themed Haunted House

It was somehow not that problematic.
Daniel Gill
Holy Shit

The Excessive Recycling Continues: There Will Be a Kurt Cobain Solo Album in November

Ask yourself: if Kurt were alive, would he follow-up In Utero with an album of home recordings? Or would he politely tell the record label to “fuck off”.
Ryan Bassil
Holy Shit

Holy Shit, The Full Demo Tape of Kurt Cobain's First Band Has Been Unearthed

Could it be that Fecal Matter's 'Illiteracy Will Prevail Here' was leaked by Dave Grohl?
Ryan Bassil
the worst things of all time

Some Guy Is Selling T-Shirts Celebrating Morrissey and Kurt Cobain's Death, so We Asked Him Why

Is there some deep and complex meaning at play that we are just missing every single time, or are they tasteless shitbags?
Ryan Bassil
Holy Shit

This Shovel Falling Sounds Exactly Like "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

This shovel will save us all from depression creeping in.
Noisey Staff