green day

Børn nu til dags

Vi fik vores folkeskolepraktikant til at anmelde musik, fra da vi var på hans alder

“Jeg kan godt se, hvorfor I hørte det dengang. Der var det sikkert kæmpestort og fedt – ligesom rap er nu.” - Niels, 15 år, om rockmusik.
Niels Brask
Noisey DK Staff
Objektivt korrekte lister

15 musikere, der går amok på scenen​

En gang imellem har man bare en dårlig aften.​
Dan Ozzi
Internetvideoer af særlig betydning

Ham her, der synger Green Day, hver gang hans sambo spiller akustisk guitar, er det bedste nogensinde

Boss-level prank.
Lauren O'Neill
Objectively Correct Lists

25 Things That Are As #Woke As Green Day

We proudly present to you the MVPs of today’s trans-global information age. Take this, world!
Ryan Bassil
Emma Garland

CBGB Isn’t “The Fucking Notre Dame”, Punk Died Long Before Then

We interviewed Mark Perry, founder of the fanzine Sniffin’ Glue, about capitalism, counter culture, and whether or not punk can happen again.

Meet Burger Records' Newest Act: Billie Joe Armstrong's Son Jakob Danger

This 17 year old loves The Strokes and Beach Fossils way more than dear ol' dad's music. We called him after school for a chat.
Cam Lindsay
Objectively Correct Lists

12 Bad Albums That Got You into Good Bands

You don't always find a band through their classic album. Sometimes you discover them through their dud.
Noisey Staff
2005 week

Lights Will Guide Us Home: A Tribute to the Gloriously Corny Songs of 2005

From The Fray to John Mayer to James Blunt to Coldplay, these were the songs that rocked you to tears.
VICE Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Green Day and Rancid's Tim Armstrong Played a Bunch of Songs Together on The Weekend

Watch the grandaddies of pop-punk tear up "Knowledge" and "Radio" in Cleveland.
Noisey Staff
punk in love

We Got Gnarwolves To Review Some Classic Punk Bangers

This band know catchy melodies and good times. So we called up their bassist Charlie and got his thoughts on some Distillers, Black Flag, and Green Day classics.
Hannah Ewens

Avicii’s Collaboration Album with Dad Rock Artists Will be Hilarious

But it's not the weirdest pairing of artists in the world...
Lisa Wright

I Went to Glastonbudget: Where Glastonbury Goes to Die

It's a festival in Leicester full of tribute bands.
Ryan Bassil