Deep Ass Questions

Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Appeal of Morrissey in 2016?

We headed down to his rare and sold out Manchester show to find out why thousands of music fans still turn out for the guy who calls Nigel Farage and George Galloway “liberal educators.”
Daniel Dylan Wray
Deep Ass Questions

Has Kanye West Ever Made a Good Music Video? We Investigate

He's redefined every aesthetic corner of hip-hop over the last 13 years, but has Kanye ever made a truly iconic video?
Larry Fitzmaurice
Deep Ass Questions

How Metal Is Your City?

You won't believe which city tops the list (seriously, it's a shocker).
Deep Ass Questions

Woah, You Guys are So Cool! But What is "Being Cool" in 2016?

I went to Field Day, the coolest festival of all the music festivals, to try to understand what it means to be cool in a post-hipster, post-ironic reality.
Oobah Butler
Deep Ass Questions

Game of Chance: Is Chance the Rapper Protecting LeBron James from the Based God’s Curse?

A metaphysical analysis.
Alex Robert Ross
Deep Ass Questions

Is PARTYNEXTDOOR Secretly a Production Genius?

No one has mastered Toronto’s murky beats like Party has.
Phil Witmer
Deep Ass Questions

Sorry, but Chance the Rapper Is Wrong When He Says There’s No Twitter in Heaven

Twitter Heaven is for real.
Noisey Staff
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Did 50 Cent Just Meet a Son He Didn't Know He Had at a Meet and Greet?

"My life is full of surprises."
John Hill
Deep Ass Questions

Why Does the New Microsoft Bot Hate Drake so Much?

Every time you give Microsoft's new picture recognition bot a photo of Drake, it not only fails to recognize him, it spits it back out with some stone cold shade.
Daisy Jones
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Why Did Justin Bieber Put His Cigarette Out on Post Malone, Forcing Post Malone to Choke Justin Bieber? An Investigation

WTF happened?
Noisey Staff
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Why Is This Panda Dancing to Desiigner's "Panda" in Front of the CN Tower in Toronto?

A Desiigner's panda is spotted in Toronto, what does this mean?
Noisey Canada Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Is Will.i.Am a Malfunctioning Robot That Lives in a Human Body?

The eccentric entrepreneur has handed out a three page document to would-be interviewers, which reads like an instruction manual for getting the best out of your android.
Ryan Bassil