Herredybe spørgsmål

Hvad er vores generations “Stairway to Heaven”?

Er det Kanye? Coldplay? Eller måske… Keane?
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's a Whole Kendrick Lamar Live Set, If That's Something You're Interested In

You know, just in case.
Phil Witmer
festivals 2016

An A-Z of Glastonbury... For Dummies!

A standard guide to navigating festivals in general isn't any use. You need some sort of map, like Lonely Planet but with some references to stomach-rotting drugs.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Skepta, LCD Soundsystem, and Adele: Glastonbury's 2016 Lineup Is Here

Skepta, Little Simz, Stormzy, and Lady Leshurr represent UK rap and grime, plus there's some massive slots for PJ Harvey, Underworld, Grimes, and New Order. It's lit, basically.
Noisey Staff
The Brit Awards 2016

The Brit Awards 2016 Was Defined More by the Artists Who Weren’t There Than Those Who Were

It wasn't just UK rap and grime missing last night, it was a whole cross section of British youth culture.
Joe Zadeh

Why Aren’t More Male Pop Stars Speaking Up for Kesha?

It seems the only people being dragged for not vocally supporting women are other women.
Emma Garland

Beef Is Sempiternal: Bring Me The Horizon Destroy Coldplay's Table at NME Awards

More entertaining than their Super Bowl performance.
John Hill
Breaking News

The Worst Kept Secret Ever is Out, Coldplay Are Headlining Glastonbury 2016

Well, at the very least, you won't see 130,000 people rushing to to sign a petition about this.
Noisey Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do We Hate Coldplay?

If they can satisfy eighty million people, then what is it about Coldplay that makes critics and serious music fans loyally despise them?
Ryan Bassil

Choral Grief: On the Existential Despair of Watching the Super Bowl as the Left Shark

I knew that the Super Bowl would be full of funny moments, but it was also important to confront the possible end of a meme.
Kyle Kramer

Super Bowl 50: Beyoncé Invites Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and the Football Players to Her Concert

The theme of the Queen's halftime performance was simple: redemption.
Kathy Iandoli
Coldplay Alert!

Watch Coldplay's Incredible Halftime Performance Featuring Beyonce and Bruno Mars

Coldbey is eternal.
John Hill