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Se den inspirerende dokumentar om Skeptas Homecoming Festival i Nigeria

For andet år i træk var Skepta vært på Homecoming Festival i Lagos. Hans søster, Julie Adenuga fra Beats 1, var med for at dokumentere det hele.
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Never Mind The Buzzcocks has been Cancelled After 28 Series. Thank God.

By the end it was just another toothless light entertainment format.
Sam Wolfson
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Listen to Chance the Rapper and Lucki Eck$ Team Up on "Stevie Wonder"

Two of Chicago's finest young rappers just made your Sunday afternoon a lot better.
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We spoke to the guy who made the BBC’s World Cup final montage

He beamed Woodkid's "Run Boy Run" into 15 million homes.
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EXCLUSIVE: Listen To Morrissey Rehearsing For The Archers

In this scene, Morrissey, seemingly playing himself, goes for a drink at Ambridge's local pub, The Bull.
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Spinning Arseholes: The Voice UK, Episode Eight

As has become apparent by now, whoever came up with the format for this show was three days into a week-long meth bender.
VICE Staff
Spinning Arseholes

Spinning Arseholes: The Voice UK, Episode 1

A pop star famous for her arse, a pensioner famous for libido and the man who penned the line "I'm so 3008 / You're so 2000 and late" all sang along to the Kaiser Chiefs.
Lisa Wright
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Bombay Bicycle Club: "It's Alright Now"

It's okay guys, Bombay Bicycle Club are still making gorgeous music.
Ryan Bassil

One Week On: Six Things From The Kanye interview We Still Need To Talk About

On the first listen it sounded like the ramblings of egocentric mad man, but it turns out Kanye has given us a lot to discuss.
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