Check Out This New Video By French Synthpunk Band Rendez-Vous

The joy of fucking buildings up.

29 april 2015, 5:24pm

We don’t know what you were like as a kid. Maybe you were the type of kid that liked to build model airplanes and keep them in pristine condition on your nightstand. Maybe you were the type of kid that got a box of LEGO’s and used every piece to create the exact picture shown on the box. If you were anything like us though, the greatest joy came not from building things, but by watching other people build things and then getting your Godzilla on and fucking everything up. In that case, like us, you will love this new video for “The Others” by French synthpunk band Rendez-Vous. While the tune of vigorous anarchy inducing vocals and synths play in the background, we’re shown the glorious imagery of building after building just being completely demolished. It’s absolutely satisfying in the most morbid of ways.

Rendez-Vous played a fucking great Danish debut show at Bakken in Copenhagen last Saturday, and we're sincerely hoping they'll be back soon.
And that's not all, the guys also made a mixtape for us. Check it out below: