Century of Ecstasy's "Tonight" Lures You Into the Afterlife

The Swedish songwriter and producer's latest video makes death enchanting.

01 december 2015, 2:02pm

Without getting too heavy and nihilistic about it, we can all probably agree that thinking about death is a little bit... icky. Whether you're a little apprehensive of the big, black unknown that presumably comes after death, or you fully freak out when you have to kill a spider intruding in your bedroom, death is usually scary. The alternative to 'scary' exists, however—which is what Century of Ecstasy showed us in his latest video for "Tonight".

Century of Ecstasy is the lo-fi solo project of Swedish producer and songwriter Joakim Persson. He's been working on the project for ten years but just released his debut album Decade in the Shade last Friday. If "Tonight" is anything like the rest of the album, the record is a lullaby you'll want to fall into.

Introspective, melancholic and warm, "Tonight" is a song that makes you feel like you're letting go and sinking into something magical. Coupled with the loose vocals and the shimmering tumble of a pace, it's darkly romantic yet almost effervescent—which is fitting, considering the video. The video was filmed in Paris' famed cemetery Père Lachaise and features wispy, friendly-looking skeletons and ghosts floating through portals of violet haze and stars. It's almost as if they're coaxing you to join them on their otherworldly journey. With a setting and soundtrack as eerily beautiful as this one, that doesn't sound so bad after all.