These Are the Bands You Should Go See at Primavera

From Tyler, the Creator to Viet Cong.

maj 10 2015, 1:07pm

So if you’ve ever been to Barcelona, odds are you wasted your time. La Sagrada Familia won’t be finished until 2026 (!) and the fact that Gaudi was killed by a tram kind of makes you question his genius. I mean if he was so great, how come he died? But apart from the touristy tapas feeding frenzies that seem to make up a large part of the city, there are still great things to do in Barcelona. One of them being skating, and the other being Primavera. In fact, there’s a ton of great bands playing this year, so we thought we’d give you our two cents on how to best pack your schedule while still saving some acts for Roskilde later on this summer.

Here’s what we came up with.

The post-punk lads are not only proud owners of one of the most offensive war-inspired names out there, they are also some of the best Canada has to offer. They’re signature sound is almost as distressing as their music videos, and one can’t help but think that this is what the phantom of the opera would have sounded like, if he had lived beneath an abandoned motorcycle shop instead.

They’re playing at the Pitchfork stage Thursday the 28th at 19:45.

Moving beyond a success paved by eating cockroaches and hanging oneself, Tyler, the Creator has spent 2015 evovling into the don't-give-a-fuck-atron 2000 that he is today. His new mantra of believing in yourself is great and all, but it also resulted in him featuring some more melodic tracks on his 2015 album Cherry Bomb. They kind of balance out the stare-of-death, fuck-everything vibes of some of his earlier work and are sure to work splendidly live.

Catch him at the Pitchfork Stage Thursday the 28th at 23:20.

The KVB are sort of the Boards of Canada of noisy soul-clenching shoegaze. They’re going to be the perfect fit if you want to spend Friday night thinking of all the horrible decisions you made on Thursday.

ATP Stage, Friday 29th, 17:45.

Ex Hex is a full on female power-trio led by Mary Timony, that plays some of the best good-time rock and roll tomfoolery out there. Not only will this be a great pick-me-up after seeing The KVB, this roller derby of a rock band will also make you feel like life isn't all that bad. And isn't that what we all want to feel anyway?

They’re playing at the Pitchfork stage on the Friday the 29th at 19:00.

Go see him, because you have to. Otherwise your future kids are never going to shut up about why you didn’t go.

He’s playing at the Pitchfork stage at 00:10 on the 29th.

Hailing from San Francisco, Thee Oh Sees are a pure injection of every rock genre from garage to psych. They’re known for their fist-pumpingly energetic live shows and we promise you they will blow The Black Keys out of the water. Go if you’re tired of just standing around all day.

Thee Oh Sees are playing at the ATP stage on Satuday the 30th at 01:55.