Yung Lean's Swedish Punk Band Will Blow Your Brain Out

Seriously, Yung Lean is making punk music now.

aug 4 2014, 9:59am

A song can be like a weapon. For example: the chorus to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" shoots confetti filled rockets that obliterate sadness, DJ Otzi's "Hey Baby" is a hand grenade in any conversation about early 2000 chart music being rubbish, and listening to Little Mix is like being repeatedly jabbed in the ear by a toddler holding a Fisher-Price branded toy microphone. They can be weapons used for good or for bad.

The song above - by a Swedish band called Död Mark - is one of the good weapons. Why? Because it blasts any sort of early morning apathy in the jugular with a white-hot blow torch, demanding you get up and give a fuck about something, punching lethargy to the ground and stamping on its head.

"Vit Spirit" - which roughly translates to white spirit - appeared on the internet two months ago but started to get pick-up yesterday evening after several internet users claimed the track was the first release from Yung Lean's new punk band. Although Yung Lean hasn't publicly associated himself with the group, a video of him playing the song live at Webster Hall seems to suggest he's at least good friends with the band or auditioning to be a stand-in for their lead singer.

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