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Date: 2011-04-07 | Venue: The Format Collective | Location: Adelaide, Australia

Super Wild Horses

Melbourne’s Super Wild Horses is Amy Franz and Hayley McKee, two old friends from Western Australia who sputter and start through trashy garage-pop. The songs work off a simple punk rock recipe: kick in with some thudding drums, add a loose riff, and layer on a sugar-sweet harmony. Mix for two minutes and bust into the next one. It’s an ancient formula, but the band manages to bring tons of fresh ideas to the table. They flirt with Beat Happening’s mid-eighties teen-dream and bind the Slits’ punk-girl brat-attack to the thick riffage of the Breeders. These influences are interwoven quickly and economically while the duo pays homage to the classic sounds of American girl-group acts.

For the listener, it’s tempting to jump to the current crop of female-fronted garage-popsters for context, bands like Grass Widow, Best Coast, or the Vivian Girls. Truth is, the Super Wild Horses sound is more aggressive and obviously loose. Despite their hard and primitive style, the band affords enough space in the mix to allow their songs to breathe. This combination of space and numbskull drive is part of the draw, but it’s the duo’s best-friend intuition that really draws you in. They even named their debut long-player Fifteen after the young age when they met. Lovingly trading their instruments back and forth onstage, they produce ramshackle punk in the best possible way.

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Perth, Australia


Amy Franz, Hayley McKee


Aarght Records