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Date: 2011-07-24 | Venue: The Flapper | Location: Birmingham, UK


“We’re six people pushing our hearts through our instruments.” That’s how the members of Dananananaykroyd described themselves to Noisey. The story of this youthful, rag-tag bunch of Glaswegians stretches back five years to a LiveJournal post about starting a new band. They picked up after ditching their then-current musical projects to create a sound they dubbed “fight pop” - picking up where At The Drive In and Rocket to the Crypt left off, but with a cocky Scottish personality binding it all together.

Two albums and several line-up changes later, Dananananaykroyd has made hellish waves on their home turf, taking advantage of Glasgow’s melting pot of creative opportunity with a furiously wonky noise-pop sound driven by the cheeky vocal pairing of Calum Gunn and John Baillie Jr. They might have one leg astride the monitors, but there’s a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor that equals the emotional energy in their songs. This has made them something of paradox, but the band is ready to take on anyone who questions their work ethic.

Emotional and physical carnage litter Dananananaykroyd live shows - they’re a violent, relentless attack of guitars and limbs that often results in broken bones and an ever-growing list of maimed instruments. A legendary 2009 gig in Sydney left singer John with the permanent addition of four metal screws in his arm. The show ended after three songs but the band returned to the very same venue at the end of July this year to pick up where they left off. They’re driven to seek out the challenge in everything: “We'd like to support more big bands,” they say. “We've always had a perverse enjoyment from playing to people who aren't necessarily at a show to see us... basically anything that can widen our scope as individuals for writing and performing and connecting with people”.

Dananananaykroyd believe music is about being as visceral, honest and clear as possible. What more could matter from a 21st century rock band?

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Glasgow, UK


Calum Gunn, John Baillie Jr., David Roy, Duncan Robertson, Ryan McGinness, Paul Carlin


Pizza College, Dew Process