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Date: 2011-09-03 | Venue: Sala Mondo | Location: Vigo, Spain


I know a lot of opinionated people—I don't know anybody who doesn't like Za! Over the past four years, Papa DuPau and Spazzfrica Ehd (best pseudonyms you've ever heard right?) have been schlepping around Spain and Europe playing to every kind of audience imaginable. From metal festivals in Poland, to indie kids in the grounds of a Catalan mansion overlooking the sea, Za! consistently wins over the most pig-headed music nerds with their largely improvisational racket.

Free jazz, noise rock, and afrobeat are three labels you could pull out of your music crit tool kit and slap on the band if you need to. Getting those terms to stick is another matter. As their contemporaries like Battles and Liars mellow, Za! continues to refine the chaos of their live show into amazing seven-inches and records. The closest they've got so far was 2011's Megaflow, which triggered a deluge of positive reviews, usually ending in "...but you really need to see them live".

We filmed them in Vigo, Gallicia, an industrial port city on Spain’s West coast with it's own thriving scene, made up of post-punks like Indomitos or Telephones Rouges and the noisy electro of the Cobras. Predictably, the crowd was more than welcoming to the band, that’s being referred to more and more as the best live band in the Spain.

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Barcelona, ES


Spazzfrica Ehd, Papa Dupau


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