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Date: 2011-07-29 | Venue: Gasometer Hotel | Location: Melbourne, Australia

Chrome Dome

The gothy synth-punks in Chrome Dome lurched out of the shadows in 2009. From the very start, the bleak beats and tombstone lyrics (courtesy of Shaun South and the laconically lanky Ben Woodward) had a gloomy appeal that you could almost sort of dance to.

Famous for putting on their own DIY shows, Chrome Dome became regulars at late night warehouse happenings and underground events. South is known for his outdoor plug-in-and-play festival series Summer Winds.

The Negative Vibes seven-inch and a string of shows outside their native Melbourne secured the band a following amongst clusters of Australia’s more off-kilter listeners. Inspired by bands like Suicide, Nervous Gender and Australia’s Primitive Calculators, the band stood out for as much with their awkward intensity as their guitar-less set up. An increasingly volatile live show led to an on-stage implosion—in 2009 Woodward walked out for good in the middle of a show.

South kept on, and recruited two new members: Bryce Sweatman on drums and Andrea Blake on synth, sampler, and vocals. Still dark and despondent but with a thicker dual synth sound, the new Chrome Dome released their self-titled debut LP on Lexicon Devil in 2010. Showcasing what the band call “ugly, hypnotic pop music,” they followed up with a seven-inch called Topped, released on No Patience Records.

After taking a break to work on new material, Chrome Dome recently resumed playing live. They continue to carry the torch of synth-punk into the future, adding liberal doses of lighter fluid as they see fit.

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Victoria, AU


Shaun South, Andrea Blake, Ben Taylor, Bryce Sweatman


Ssex, Near Tapes, Lexicon Devil, No Patience