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Date: 2010-12-13 | Venue: 6 HOPE STREET | Location: Melbourne, Australia

The UV Race

The UV Race is a high-energy punk outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Actually, that’s a lie: nearly two thirds of the six-piece is from Warragul, the bush country about an hour and a half outside Melbourne. This is an important distinction. From the first bar it’s clear that UV are feral outdoor cats, not city kitties. Daniel Stewart slams on floppy drum heads like a caveman while Alistair Montfort cranks out menacing, chromatic guitar lines. The UV Race plays punk rock from the roots up.

It’s the music of “isolation and anger,” as vocalist and self-described “Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Punk” Marcus Rechsteiner puts it. Even though the UV Race sprouted outside Melbourne, you should still picture them alongside the mutant progenies of other capital cities. It’s always the punks from political nerve centers sewing their patches on the tightest and laying down the most intense anthems. Think Washington DC’s Minor Threat, Nation of Ulysses, and Henry Rollins, or London’s Clash and the Sex Pistols. These were the bands challenging every rule and aesthetic criteria they could find, and not caring one lick what anyone thought about it.

Whatever their secret, the UV Race is attracting some influential supporters. On their sophomore release, Homo, they took to the studio with Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Mikey Young working the mixer. The album finds the band paying homage to their primary source material (the Ramones and fellow Australians the Saints) but they’ve got little interest in being tied down to any single identity. As long as the UV Race continues to experiment, they’ll remain a band worth checking out.

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Melbourne, Australia


Marcus, Georgia, Ally-Pally Sea-Snake, Emily, Daniel, Moses, Alexandra


Aarght/SS/Fashionable Idiots