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Date: 2012-02-01 | Venue: Brooklyn Bowl | Location: New York, USA

Bosco Delrey

Have you ever seen Taz in a leather jacket? That is Bosco Delrey's spirit animal. OK, spirit animal and spirit accessory. Made in New Jersey, tested in Memphis, this current Brooklynite makes genre-blurring pop that's a whirlwind of 808 attitude and punk rock fearlessness.

Called a "garbage can Elvis" by Diplo, Bosco makes music that sounds like you launched Sun Studios into space with Ziggy Stardust at the helm. They set course for the (Alan) Vega star and have a few close encounters with Bill Haley and His Comets. Then they experience some sort of Mad Decent-style space madness and it ends like the big carnival dance sequence with the flying car from 2001.

Using fuzzed-out twangy guitars, vintage synthesizers, and one of those kits that lets you build your own hovercraft, Bosco makes catchy, loose, soul-flavored pop that mashes together sixty years of popular music. Those beer commercials where the two rooftop parties end up converging because all good Americans love their Saturday night? That’s what Bosco is if the punch gets spiked and the cops never show up. Like his former tour mates CSS and Sleigh Bells, Bosco uses programmed beats and analog instruments to create a hybrid of several genres with the singular purpose to get it moving.

On stage Bosco lurches and leers and loses his place. It is somewhere between a revelation and an absolute mess, sort of like seeing the Virgin Mary in a sweat stain. It is something to behold.

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Bosco Delrey


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