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Welcome to Style Stage, Noisey's new style section, in partnership with Garnier Fructis. We're kicking things off with a feature documentary, which you can watch above.

Here's why we started Style Stage: Our friends at Garnier Fructis brought to our attention a basic fact: Hair has played a pretty major role in the expression of musical artists and the evolution of pop music since its inception.
Think about it: Little Richard's pompadour, Michael Jackson's jheri curl, or whatever is happening on top of Diamond Rings. There are songs about hair, like Rush's "I Think I'm Going Bald" or Zeppelin's "The Girl I Love She Got Long Wavy Black Hair." Once we started to see it, we couldn't unsee it, and we started to realize that bands' and fans' hairstyles have pushed music and culture forward in a major way. We're extremely excited to tell that story, and to shine light on the past and present of music, hair, and style.
Also, for some reason, this story has really never been told, so we figured we should be the ones to tell it. In addition to the documentary, we're excited to share a music video series, daily editorial, and some amazing new video franchises. We're also going on a college tour this spring searching for one guy and one girl to be the host of one of our new shows, and we want it to be you, because you probably have better style than all of our editors combined. More info on that later. For now, enjoy the documentary, and stay tuned to Noisey for more style-centric music coverage!

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