We Saw The Kills at Converse City Carnage


By Noisey Staff


We headed down to Hudson River Park this past weekend to check out The Kills, Black Bananas, and Viva Viva jam out at Converse City Carnage in New York City. Thanks to some postcard-perfect weather and excellent tunage provided by all three acts, this concert was definitely one for the best-summer-concerts-ever history books.

Viva Viva kicked the concert off with their mix of lo-fi grittiness and stripped down rock 'n roll stylings, only to have us realize afterwards, when Black Bananas hit the stage, what rock 'n roll is really all about—having long, flow-y hair filled with musical secrets.

When it was time for The Kills to come out and do their thing, there was nothing but pure adrenaline in the crowd, who were ready to see this show get cranked from a ten to an eleven.

If you didn't get to make it out or just want to relive the rad times from Saturday, be sure to check out our snaps in the gallery above. And don't forget to watch the video coverage form the event down below. Enjoy!

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