We Saw King Tuff and METZ Play Music Hall of Williamsburg


By Nick Gazin


King Tuff and METZ played at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Wednesday. The show was hosted by Converse and the free tickets were gone within an hour of being offered up for grabs. I had to go through a million different sources to try to get tickets, but I did it somehow. METZ are the hot new rock band who have a thrashy sound with pop appeal, sort of like that other band, Nirvana. I've been photographing and documenting King Tuff's rise from a small but loyal fanbase to ending up on "best of the year" lists and playing on big stages. I love that people love King Tuff. 

The people at this show were all really weird looking. Look at my photos. Odd-looking freaky kids. I had a good time dancing with them in the dance pit and taking photos. The only bad part was when I took a photo of a security guard and he took me into a stairwell and yelled at me and spat all over me. I understand that not everyone loves having their photo taken, but if that's the case, then go work somewhere not filled with people taking photos. Afterwards I went to some really grimy strip clubs. I hope you like my photos of good bands and funny looking people.