We Hosted the Best Rap Party Ever on Tuesday


By Nick Gazin


Noisey threw a party at the Flat on Tuesday to premiere Fat Tony's new video, and it was a very intense hoot. If you weren't there, then you probably can't fathom the hoots that were had at this hip hop soiree. Life or Death asked Noisey if we were into the idea of throwing a party, and then Fat Tony, Gabby Shaw, and I contacted the other great new rappers (who aren't currently on tour) and got all of them to come DJ and rap a little at our shindig.

I played the first DJ set of the night so as to spare anyone else the embarrassment of doing that. I played a lot of older, friendly rap songs like Just-Ice, Jungle Brothers, Del, Top Billing, and stuff like that. After playing "Oodles of O's" off De La Soul is Dead, Fat Tony and I had a good chat about the dearness of that record to both of us. I guess most people like that record, but oh, what a record. Tom Cruz pointed out that it was the anniversary of ODB's death, so I played his cover of "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" and "Got Your Money." By the time I was done with my opening set, people had shown up, including the next DJs, so I relinquished the DJ throne to Lakutis

Lakutis is a funny guy who had some ugly new gold teeth covers, which he kept showing off proudly while he DJed using an iPad in a chunky pink rubber case. At one point, he played one of the songs he'd sampled for his song "Ja Rule," and I just sang his lyrics over it into the mike. Looking back, that was kind of obnoxious. 

By the time Lakutis had finished his set the club was packed and Kitty Pryde took over the DJ responsibilities with Hot Sugar in tow. It was her first attempt at DJing and she did a pretty great job. I was watching her and I could tell from her laughing that she was making mistakes, but somehow, they all worked. She paused the music by accident, but it felt intentional. Later, she started a song too slow and sped it up while it was playing, and that also seemed totally intentional. 

Kitty was followed by Fat Tony and Tom Cruz. Tom played all kids of rap, while Tony MCed. Around this point, the sea of people started to churn and move around a lot. People were dancing with their arms up and pointing at stuff. Tom took requests and played some reggaeton at one guy's request. He also found some dude's phone. What a nice DJ! Tony would yell over the music in classic rap style, and then we premiered his video. I yelled at everyone to shut up and then they watched this long video with guest appearances by all sorts of neat people who were in attendance at the party. People clapped and went really crazy, because Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire had shown up with DJ Sicksentz, and they gave a classic performance. 

SickSentz wore this crazy mask the whole time he was in the club. It was on from the moment he got there, while he was Djing and while he was just hanging out afterwards. That's dedication. eXquire got the crowd moving and yelled awesome raps from the booth. I cannot overstate how electric the room was at this point. People were shaking their dreads and losing their minds in a very posi way. He kept people freaking right until it was time for Nasty Nigel from Children of the Night.

I showed Nigel how to DJ a few months back, and he's turned into a pretty good DJ. He played good stuff and rapped while DJing. Also, he uses a teeny tiny laptop plugged into Serato, and I think that is cute. He was followed by Cities Aviv, who just premiered a new record, and his girlfriend Tiffany, from Dark Sister. They played some rap and some dark stuff. It was real good. I played the final set of the night and put on various weird songs, and then I played my favorite songs of the people who DJed with me that night. Taking turns with Nasty Nigel rapping over COTN's "Ilyas" and eXquire's "Huzzuh" was pretty great. The party had to end eventually, and we ended it playing Fat Tony's "Nigga You Ain't Fat." Then, there was a lot of hugging and the night was over, but we will always remember the magical evening of music, booze, and love. Take a look at my photos of the evening to try to see how good it was.