The Internet Can't Handle the Penis on 'No Love Deep Web'


By Abdullah Saeed


So Death Grips' stint on a major label has come to an end: They leaked their own album, slapped a cock on the cover, and published internal documents from their label superiors that sounded as pissed off as tight-ass Epic execs can get. 

Even if the Man fucks up the financial lives of team Death Grips, what the band did was actually pretty fucking cool. We could have ended up waiting months for No Love Deep Web, and they dropped it into our hands for free. Plus we got it exactly as they wanted it to be, complete with a cover that featured an engorged, Sharpie-marked penis glaring at bathroom tiles.

Despite the whole thing about preserving artistic merit, a lot of sites covering the album chose to censor the cover of No Love Deep Web for the sake of their readers, none of whom have ever seen a penis before. (Eds. Note: Wikipedia is not one of those sites

Some chose to go with the plain old black bar, but others got creative with it, and we’d like to applaud their creativity.

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