Natural Child Played at Brooklyn Bowl


By Nick Gazin


Natural Child, People's Temple and Liquor Store played a show at Brooklyn Bowl this past Sunday. It was quite a time and I was there with my camera, snapping off shots. Liquor Store were scheduled to play first, but they went on an hour late cuz their drummer Will showed up crazy late. People chanted "FUCK YOU WILL" as he jetted through the entrance to the bowling alley/rock 'n' roll fantasy zone. They got on stage and did a short, three song set, but all their songs are about twelve minutes so it was pretty satisfying.

SInce the last time I'd seen them their guitarist, Bones, has gone from looking like some Johnny Thunders punk to looking like a young Benjamin Franklin. They've got a new album coming out soon so keep your ear to the ground. They're one of my favorite bands that plays in NY but I think they're too weird and Jersey-ish to ever strike a chord with the fashionable assholes that live here.

While they were playing I jammed my thumb in some guy's ass and blamed it on a nearby lady. Later, she jammed her fingers up some girls' asses and blamed me. What a fun, disgusting time it was for some of us!

People's Temple are a great band with a lot of good songs but I took a break during their set and ate a thirteen dollar cheese burger at the bar. There are some great burgers in New York that are well worth that amount of money, but Brooklyn Bowl's burger kinda sucks. I understand the cost though, that place is fucking humongous and running it must be a nightmare. 

I waddled back over to the stage to see Natural Child who are from Nashville and have blown up pretty big. I booked them once a couple years ago at one of my parties and I DJed a show of theirs at SXSW and now here they are headlining at this big ass place full of bowlers. Natural Child are part of that Burger Records scene and have a big punk following, but they play country rock and the audience ranged from some punks weirdos, some normals, some weird weirdos, naive chicks who seemed a little nuts, pretty girls, and people from the South. It was a real melange up in there. The crowd was enthusiastic and earnest, which caught me off guard. There was a guy thirty feet back from the stage pumping his arms in the air by himself. There was this pretty, awkward girl in a swishy blue dress and checkered vans dancing like crazy and then this very stoked, sweet young guy in a denim vest started dancing with her. People were really getting into it and losing themselves which climaxed with their final song. They did a perfect cover of the Eagles's "Take it Easy" and I nearly lost my mind with an overwhelming sense of "Okay I will!"

Here are twenty five photos I took at the show Go check out Natural Child if you get a chance and check out their new record, For the Love of the Game which has a totally rockin' can on the cover.