Metz Played a Short but Shattering Show at Knitting Factory


By Andrew St. Clair


Metz were the darlings of this year's CMJ festival, and with good reason—their brand of noise-rock is particularly loud, brutal, and altogether KICK-ASS! Having now caught the band twice in the last month, I can easily say that Metz's thunderous sets are the best thing I've seen all year.

After playing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for about 30 minutes and telling the crowd that they had one song left in their set, the crowd collectively sounded a little disappointed. Lead singer/guitarist Alex Edkins replied, "You've heard the album, right? Well then you know that we've played the entire album outside of one song," and then propelled into "Wet Blanket" like it was the final battle of a world war.

So, while their set was a little short, there's good news. According to bass player Chris Slorach, when their current tour ends in November, the band is taking a couple months off to write new material, which they'll eventually add to their repertoire. Come late January, the band is going to tour Europe in a big way.

Opening for METZ was the two piece noise band YVETTE, and Bennio Qwerty.



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