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Made in Denver: Behind the Scenes Photos with Big Gigantic, Tennis and Two Fresh

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By Kim Taylor Bennett


So we've got Seattle covered and we're onto Denver. Here are a bunch of behind the scenes shots from our time spent in the Colorado town. Photos taken by Angela Boatwright, who, when she's not touring the country with Noisey has been delving into the East LA's backyard punk scene. Check out her shots from Seattle, plus more of her work here. 

Here are just a few of the things we learned while there:

1. Crystals are big in Denver. 
2. People are really into dancing. 
3. Livetronica is a kind of amalgam of jam band sonics and electronic dance music elements. 
4. Tornados are a concern in Colorado. 
5. Cornhole involves throwing a sack of beans into a hole in a plank of wood. Hey, we were cornhole virgins up until Big Gigantic took our cornhole virginity.

Above are pictures of our time in the city alongside Big Gigantic, Tennis, and Two Fresh. That moment when we were evacuated from an apartment to the subterannean parking lot during a tornado alert was also snapped. Check out the shots of director Lance Bangs with FEMA. Hilarious! 



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