LA's The Smell Rings in Celebrates 15 Years of DIY with a Cacophonous Quinceneara


By Rebecca Smeyne


LA DIY institution The Smell celebrated their 15th anniversary this past weekend with a pink and proper two-night Quinceanera bash. I went the second night and caught several acts. First was vintage horror-core act the Centimeters, who have no less than three synth players behind their spooked-out weirdness. They noted that this was their first show since 2004, to which someone in the crowd yelled back, "That was before TiVo!" Next up came skronky avant-noise act Godzik Pink, the only band of the night prompting calls for an encore (they declined), followed by the intense post-punk outfit Get Hustle, featuring ferocious drummer Ron Avila. With origins dating back to 1995, they, too, predate TiVo. Closing it out were upbeat Smell regulars the Sharp Ease, comparative juniors of the scene. And as always, there were the Smell's trademark vegan cupcakes and grotesque toilet, which I prefer over a character-less sanitized venue any day of the week.

In addition to the Quinceanera, we caught the volunteer-staffed club's 14th anniversary last year. Here's to hoping the place endures 'til sweet 16. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, El Smell!



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