I Met Kitty Pryde's Mom


By Nick Gazin


Kitty Pryde and Lakutis played a great show the other day at Santos and I was there taking photos. On my way in some Kitty Pryde super fans burned me with a cigarette and the security lady patted me down really thoroughly and then reached down my pants and touched my dick.

Lakutis is kind of this good looking comedy genius of rap. He started off his set saying the first song was about his father and sang a parody of "I'ma Make it Rain" where he sang "DENNIS QUAID BITCH, DENNIS DENNIS QUAID BITCH!" He brought out DVS who is one of my favorite guys on Twitter but is also a good rapper. Lakutis did an amazing show and then closed the shit by slam dancing while shouting his anthem "I'm Better Than Everybody" which is one of my favorite songs ever. You have to Lakutis he's no one trick pony: he's a one million trick pony. You can download his "I'm In The Forest EP" from Mishka and you should keep an out for his upcoming full length Three Sea Shells. All the money that Lakutis makes goes right to his broke mom who he helps support. The dude jokes around but giving money to Lakutis is a good thing to do. 

During the break between Lakutis and Kitty Pryde I ran into people I know like the VICE PR guy and Carrie Wilds, who was rolling with her coterie of semi-famous nightlife pals. 

Kitty Pryde's performance was a rad fucking time. She came on stage with her younger brother, who bounced around and later sang Riff Raff's part in Orion's Belt. Her rap show seems really fun but super honest and vulnerable. It seems like she starts every song off by talking about being rejected by people. She talked about being rejected by Lakutis, Danny Brown, Justin Bieber, Tyler the Creator and probably some others. When she did a Tyler cover she brought out glitter and claimed it was swag dust which she then sprinkled on everyone. She also took off her shoes halfway through the performance but kept walking into the audience of people who were mostly much larger than her. At one point she encouraged everyone to bow their heads and pray to Bieber with her and they did. Afterwards I took weird photos with some weird girls and then I met Kitty Pryde's mom.

So yeah, check out these photos. 

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