Fidlar Killed Everyone At Shea Stadium


By Josh Schneider, Photos By Will Warasila


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I went to see Big Ups, Big Tits, and FIDLAR last night at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium and yeah, I raged. After muddling about the upstairs space of Shea for the better part of two hours, draining my flask and nursing on cigarettes, I met up with my friend Ariel, and we staked out our space behind a (load bearing?) pillar. Big Ups took the stage and the lead singer Joe announced that while they were the first of two bands featuring the word "big"  in their names, they were sure to be the worst. Thankfully, that wasn't true.

Big Ups proceeded to grind out delightfully hard-driving quick fits while Joe metered out barely perceptible tirades punctuated with gesticulations both gratuitous and gratifying. As in, dude humped the monitor and strangled himself with the microphone cable. Needless to say, this was an early high point. As the mosh pit formed, I took a deeply gratifying elbow to the trachea and went into the pit for more. The next band bored me to sleep. I'm pretty sure the were called Big Tits. Great name, not so great music. Let's move on.

West Coast burn-out favorites FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk) set up quickly and burned through a breathless set to a house packed with eager ragers shaking everything shakeable. I managed to surf through FIDLAR's most noble and notable hit and set-closer "Wake Bake Skate" throwing my weight around like a thoughtless, drunken luchador. Over nearly as soon as it began, FIDLAR's furious set left everyone blue-balled as anarchists at a totally peaceful G8 protest, but such, I suppose, is life. The over-arching takeaway is that FIDLAR are relentless in their blistering set composition, Big Tits are as forgettably juvenile as everyone's pre-pubescence, and Big Ups are the punk band to watch for 2013. Look out for those guys.

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