Check Out These Sick Photos of Our Show with Paint It Black, Hop Along, Night Birds, and Bad Canoes

Noisey Presents

By Dan Ozzi


You know how you can tell a show is gonna get wild? When people are stagediving before the band has even started playing. That’s what happened this weekend when we brought Paint It Black to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

Bad Canoes, featuring Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females, kicked things off. It’s weird to see a band fronted by Marissa Paternoster where she’s not shredding on guitar, but the girl can completely destroy a stage with nothing but a microphone. Who knew?

Night Birds then brought it fast and hard and reminded everyone, in case they’d forgotten, that Brian Gorsegner is one of the best frontmen in punk. For proof, please see the delightful photo of him jacking off a mic into a fan’s mouth.

Hop Along came up from Philly to sonically floor everyone in the room. They tested the waters with three new songs and brought the classics like “Young and Happy!” and “Tibetan Pop Stars.” It’s pretty cool how they played our little show since they’ll be THE BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD one day.

And then of course, Paint It Black. Holy shit, Paint It Black. They told us this would probably be their only east coast show this year and boy did they make it count. People were diving off the stage before they even started playing. Then they actually got started and the rest is sort of a blur. Everything that wasn’t nailed down became a diving board. Dr. Dan and crew destroyed the entire place in just 45 minutes. All controlled aggression, no macho bullshit.

All in all, 4,900 people, including notable White Castle consumer Kal Penn, showed up throughout the night to pay tribute to the hardcore legends. Plus, many amazing people donated clothes and money for the Ali Forney Center to help homeless LGBT youth.

Let’s do it again soon, Brooklyn.



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