Cerebral Ballzy Played a Halloween Art Show?


By Nick Gazin


This past Saturday, before New York was turned into a soggy disaster hole, Cerebral Ballzy performed a great set for the Corpse Corps art show at Signal Gallery. I just kinda wandered in and it turned out to be this pretty good art show, party, and show. This was the first time I'd seen Cerebral Ballzy with their new drummer, and he printed my Ballzy art onto his bass drum, which lit up from the inside and looked pretty boss. 

Nasty Nigel from Children of the Night was there hanging out. Roofeeo from TV on the Radio was there entertaining girls from Oregon. Some guy whose costume was a lifesize skeleton puppet went crazy in the pit, which was also full of other goofy cartoons. Mason, one of the guitaritsts, was dressed like an Arab and he stayed on top of one of the speaker columns for the first half of the show. The laziest guy in a juggalo costume had to be told how to do the Wicked Clown hand sign. I saw a woman whose costume was "weed" and she wrote it on her back. I saw a lady who looked like an adult Honey Boo Boo. I saw Catwoman checking her Instagram. 

Also, there was some good art on the walls.