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Adam Tensta - "Lights at Bay" (ft. David Sandström of Refused) (Official Video)

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Here's the premiere of the video for "Lights at Bay" by English-speaking Swedish rapper Adam Tensta. Last week, Adam started his Scared of the Dark campaign by pasting QR codes with links to download his album for free all over the streets of Germany. The album, which bears the same title as the campaign, was released in Scandinavia back 2011, but now it's finally making its way all over the globe. Watch the video for "Lights at Bay" (recorded, head-scratchingly, with David Sanström of Refused) above!

Filmed by: Yücel Kibar, David Waltenspuel, Michael Rathgeb
Edited and directed by: Jan Stollberg & Björn Quadt
Production: Wirsindalles

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