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Noise Coalition Spotlights Sassy Southerners Those Darlins

By Michelle Ong


There’s some contention over whether the country punkins in Those Darlins live up to their name’s promise. Are Jessi, Kelley and Nikki Darlin a sugary sweet, rock ‘n roll update of the Ronettes, Or is the pseudonym merely a pretense for their hard-partying, chicken-eating habits? The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle of these two poles. Evidently, Those Darlins have a charming penchant for tongue-in-cheek song titles like “Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy” and “Fatty Needs A Fix.” These songs often contain mini-narratives in the vein of country western tunes, and it’s no surprise that the band was formed at an all-girls rock and roll camp in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Here are girls (oh, and one guy drummer) who want to match their male counterparts beer for beer, but aren’t afraid to call out bad behavior when they see it. In “Be Your Bro,” Jessi sings, “I just want to run and play in the dirt with you / You just want to stick it in.” The Darlins further reveal their Southern roots by converging summery honky tonk with punky angst, sprinkled with catchy pop refrains you’ll find yourself humming in the shower. Last week, the band dropped by the Noise Coalition studios in Southern California to perform a few songs off their latest album Screws Get Loose, which dropped last March. Noise Coalition’s Live Sessions allow intimate access to live performances in a studio production setting. The videos make you feel like you’re intertwined with guitar amps and wires. Check out the Darlins’ particular brand of flirty-aggression with rendition of "Screws Get Loose."