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The New Death Grips Single Is Hot Fire

By Benjamin Shapiro


When the Sacramento experimental noise-rap trio Death Grips dropped their Exmilitary tape last April, the earth was blessed with some of the most inspired, difficult, rage-tastic hip-hop we'd ever heard. If you didn't nab it, do yourself a favor and click this link. The first time I heard it, it was like the first time I heard Black Flag or something. It was the future, the past, and the present all mashed up into one urgent, insistent eardrum blaster. Most importantly, it's loud, angry, and janky as hell.

Well, the band just dropped their new track "@DeathGripz," appropriately named after their Twitter handle, through Adult Swim's excellent singles series. The song finds singer Stefan Burnett mostly toning down his hoarse bellowing scream into a muted, relaxed tone. It's an unreleased single from The Money Store, their debut studio album on Epic Records from this past April. Pick up the record right here, and check out the single below:




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