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Action Bronson is proof that hip-hop is getting weirder and better as we march inexorably into the future. Watch as he dives into a ridiculously hype Toronto crowd, then puts some dude into a headlock, and then hangs out with an opera singer. Even if in many ways rap is the new punk, we're really defaulting to a totally un-punk hierarchy system with Bronson at the head of the table. Far as we can see, there's not a problem with that.
Catch Action Bronson on tour now!

04/13/13 - Indio, CA, Cochella

05/04/13 - New Braunfels, TX, TSR Ski Resort

06/07/13 - London , United Kingdom, Koko

06/09/13 - Manchester , United Kingdom, Parklife Fest

06/16/13 - Manchester, TN, Bonnaroo

06/21/13 - Dover , Denmark, The Woodlands

06/28/13 - Kansas City, KS, Kanrocksas

07/06/13 - Roskilde , Denmark, Roskilde Festival

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